365 Days of What I Love

My life motto is live, love, and laugh, but I realized recently that maybe I’m not sure about what I love or why I love it. Being the youngest of 5 children, where the first 4 where very strong willed, I tended to go along with the flow and I ended up liking and doing everything that my older siblings liked or did, without really thinking about it. Yes, I took German in Junior High and High School because most of my older siblings did, but I really wanted to take Spanish.  I studied business because that created more job opportunities when I really loved writing and psychology. I was trying to fit in, in my family. I find it funny to think about, because I know they love me for whoever I am and whatever I love. Although, I cannot discount some of what they have shown me. Thanks to them I love 80s movies and music, a passion that I will not forget; writing, a passion and outlet for almost everything; and I somehow ended up with an affinity for Guns ‘N Roses and Aerosmith at a very young age, although that affinity has faded.

Still sometimes I wonder how much of what I like/love isn’t because someone else in my life likes it. I think my habit of going along with the flow  is one that stuck with me, for better or worse. In an effort to not be a follower but an active player in my life, I am going to take 365 days to explore and figure out what I love, juxtaposed to my ABC’s of Life reflections. This seems like a daunting task now that I have written it out, but something tells me it will be amazing. My only disclaimer is that I know there will be days that I have to skip for life, laughter, and love, so I will let some posts span across a few days if I need to.

As today is almost over, I will start tomorrow.

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