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June 1, 2011

What I love… B&J ChocolatePeanutbutteryCreamy Goodness

Today, I networked. Yay, me! Okay, well it’s a work in progress. Walking into a crowd full of strangers is somewhat intimidating, but fun all the less. I met some cool people and to treat ourselves, my awesome co-worker had the brilliance to stop off at Ben & Jerry’s for a little night cap and what did I find, their Chocolate Peanut Buttery Icecream. I’m making up the name right now, but I know I’m close. It was heaven in a cup and to me the name did not even matter. The sign read “In Store-Only”. Well, I sure hope I see this flavor in the grocery store, or maybe I don’t, for my health’s sake.

I love peanut butter and chocolate together in any sort of mix. I discovered Reese’s Peanut Butter cups at too early an age and for quite some time this was my favorite sweet, until I discovered, semi-dark chocolate that is. To this day, I have soft spot for chocolate peanut butter cups. Even my mother knew to bring me a peanut butter cup when she came and visited a couple months ago to cheer me up. Love it!