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June 10, 2011

What I love… A little romance

Gentleman, a little word of advice, from a girl, if this is the only paragraph of this blog you read, take a moment and think about the lady in your life that you love and adore, what would you do to show her you love her? Taking out the trash doesn’t count, although it does help put you on her good list. Take the time to add an extra touch of romance in her life to make her smile. Most of us are romantic at heart and I promise whatever it is you do, it will go a long way.

For awhile I was certain I wasn’t romantic or passionate, but maybe I didn’t know I had it in me. I don’t know what got me on this topic this week, but I’ve thought a lot about it. I realize that life is not a romance movie, but this is something that I have always wanted, a little romance and a little passion.  I’m not the only girl to ever want a little romance. Most girls like to be swept off their feet. Why do you think we all love chick flicks?Is it too much to ask to be swept off my feet, to be serenaded even by a bad musician, or to have my Lloyd Dobler stand in front of my house with a radio over his head, and yes even play Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”, or to have a song written about me, like the Flaming Lips’s “Do You Realize”, or plan to meet someone at the top of the Empire State Building, or fly to Paris to meet the man I fell passionately in love with?

I would even settle for someone showing up on my doorstep unexpectedly with flowers or a note left on my mirror telling me how beautiful I was. Romance does not have to be grandiose, sometimes it’s the little things we say and do that add up. I’m not insinuating that the guys I have dated never did anything romantic for me, they did, but the romance died right along with the relationships.

Romance is often one of the first things that is forgotten in a relationship, but I think what makes a great relationship is keeping that spark alive and recreating it if needed. Relationships need to change, as everything is always changing, but we have to grow with that change. It isn’t always easy, it takes a few practice trials, just ask anybody who has been heart broken. We learn a lot from those heart aches.

I know I am romantic at heart. With some embarrassment, I will admit this, sometimes I write poetry when I’m dating someone and it is certain that I will write at least one or two bad poems about my love after a breakup. Maybe I need to share what I write, although that might scare a man away, unless I was an aspiring musician. But who cares? I don’t anymore. I am passionate and emotional, that is who I am and maybe I’ve been hiding that for far too long. I also know that, writing is my outlet for my passions, my worries, my sadness, my joy and  my love. It always has been. I love writing love letters, especially post breakup letters that I never mail. It’s exciting and relieving. I think my next relationship will have to involve some form of love letters, not emails, but hand written love letters.

I’ve recently been thinking about one of my all time favorite movies, Broken English, how two lovers spent an entire day unexpectedly together and how the protagonist, played by Parker Posey, traveled across the world to find the man that she fell in love with. Parker’s character was lovesick and lonely, but she refused to settle for anything less than spectacular. That’s what I want in my life and I won’t settle now and I’ll ask for what I need. I have never been very demanding in a relationship, but I will be now, because I am worth it and ladies, you are worth it too, know that and never settle for anything less than what you deserve.