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June 13, 2011

Count your Blessings

The next ABC of Life is ‘Count your Blessings’. For me, this was easy, as the realization of how blessed I am struck me over the last few months. I will admit it was one I didn’t think about until recently. All too often, I take for granted the amazing people and things that are in my life. This month I focused on how grateful I was to have those blessings and people in my life. It amazes me how much I have in my life and how recent events have opened my eyes to the things I did not even realize I had. It even now brings tears to know that I did take for granted and could forget what I had and not appreciate it.

I always thought I was an island, emotionally. I thought I could handle anything and everything on my own. I didn’t think I needed to share with anyone when I was upset, sad, angry, and sometimes even happy (this makes me the saddest that I felt I couldn’t even share my joy). But lately, I’ve been crying in front of people, yes actually crying, something I’ve always avoided at all costs, which even included me hiding in a closet as a child when I cried. Accepting my emotions has been relieving. I’ve even been sharing my excitement with people. Instead of running the other way, they listened and to my amazement, they opened up and shared their experiences with me.

I am blessed with an abundance of lessons. I would call my recent experiences as a right of passage. A necessary challenge for me to make it to the next phase of my life. What phase am I moving into? I’m not sure, but it involves a personal journey of self discovery. A journey that I feel I have attempted to undertake for years, but never had much success.

I think it is hard to see our blessings especially when everything becomes challenging. Life can be hard; we lose jobs, get sick, have a loved one get sick, have our hearts broken, get our car broken into, get flat tires, get a ticket, wreck our cars – in my case a UHAUL. What I learned though when I faced my recent challenges, was to laugh through them. This is life and it can break us if we allow it to, but I have watched people that I love and care about face seemingly insurmountable challenges and I am inspired by their strength and courage to do the same in my life; to laugh when I can, cry when I need to, and to realize what I have is invaluable instead of wishing or wanting something else.

I think it is always easy to want more. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting more especially when it comes to success and personal growth. Material gain may come along with those things, but should never be the reason why we want more, otherwise we end up in a perpetual cycle of never believing we have enough; when we do get more, we can only see how much more that we need and don’t appreciate what we achieved. When we come from a space that we appreciate what we have, those gains are more valuable to us. When we feel blessed for what we have, we break free of the perpetual “the grass is always greener on the other side” trap as well. Which this is a trap I always fall into. “I know I have this, but what if I had that?” is a constant question on my mind, but it is never satisfying and it always seems that something is missing from my life. Right now, I am content with what I have, for the first time in my life. I still have my goals, but those are what I strive to achieve while being happy with what I have now. It is challenging sometimes to stay in this frame of mind, but it gets easier with practice.

I do feel blessed with an amazing group of people that I know. Thank you for all those that are in my life – friends, family, and co-workers. I am truly blessed. How could one girl be so lucky?