What I Love… Angry Birds

I recently caught a cold. This is not good especially when I’m my busiest at work and will be traveling for one of the best holidays ever, the Fourth of July, my brother’s wedding and one of work’s largest events. In an effort to kick my illness to the curb as fast as possible, I came home from work early and watched movies. Redbox, my usual standby for quick movies, failed me and I got the worst movie ever – of all time. I won’t even admit what it was, but the one thing that kept me entertained while it hurt too much to think was the Angry Birds app on my phone. So thank you Angry Bird creators, you saved my evening:



One Comment to “What I Love… Angry Birds”

  1. Angry Birds really is quite amazing. When I got my iphone, everyone was like “YOU HAVE TO GET BIRDS!!” So I did, and life has never been the same haha.

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