What I Love… Slurpees

I’m not sure anything beats having a slurpee on a hot summer day, unless you have a sore throat on a cloudy summer day. It’s been too long since I’ve had a slurpee, but today it was my treat for having survived a busy day and for feeling not well at all. What took me by surprise is that 7-11 now has Fanta flavored slurpees. “Fanta, fanta, don’t you wanna fanta, fanta” is now stuck in my head. Those commercials seem ancient now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGJThbZWPGg&feature=related

My decision was easy. I picked Blueberry and Strawberry and the mixture was heaven. It brought back many wonderful memories of college and going to get slurpees with my roommates as we talked about love, boys, school, and whatever else college girls talk about. I remember we all laughed a lot and we even learned amazing life lessons at the 7-11. As we were buying our slurpees late one night, a couple was in front of us and the girl paid. The attendant asked if they were boyfriend/girlfriend and they responded that they in fact were. After they left, he told us, that he always knew when a couple was together or not. The guy usually paid when they were just dating and the girl usually paid when they were together. This may not always be true, but this theory does hold very true most of the time.

Slurpees also remind me of when I was a kid, how I tried to get my slurpee to be the most perfect and full slurpee out of all my siblings’ slurpees. This takes a lot more effort than you would think. Once you get the bubble lid on, you have to pour more of the slurpee mixture in. But you have to do it slow as not to make it overflow, but get enough in there to fill it to the top. If you stop too soon then you have to re-add and get a funny line in the middle of your slurpee.

I find myself wondering, what is the name for the bubble slurpee lid? There has to be a name for it.


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