What I Love… Lilacs

Growing up, we always had a lilac bush in our backyard. Lilacs come and go quickly and their sweet smell doesn’t last that long. Once the blooms turn from purple to brown the bush is no longer beautiful, but I found myself waiting every season for the bush to bloom and to go pick the flowers to smell and put in my room.

I had forgotten how much I absolutely love lilacs until I looked out my window at work and saw a bush across the street fresh with blooms. With so much to do at work, I fought the urge to jump up and walk outside and grab a bloom. I saved that for my coffee break, which I stumbled across the street to look at them, sprained ankle and all. Talk about will and determination. I guess I really do love Lilacs. I used to think that lillies were my favorite flower, but they come in second. Even though they are fleeting flowers that come and go quickly, I love lilacs.

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