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April 6, 2011

Accept Differences…. my first ABC of life for review

The first ABC of life is Accept Differences. When I first decided to do a blog about the ABC’s of life this first one held me back and I found myself avoiding it. I, at first, told myself that I was unsure how to approach it, because I’m always accepting of differences… or am I? Then it occurred to me, that maybe this is a blind spot that needs to be examined further and hence my strong aversion. Since it is such a difficult one for me, I’ve decided to spend a month of introspection on the topic.

I often tell myself that I love the differences in people, I think it makes the world beautiful. In my core, I believe this statement fully, but still I find myself envious of others who have more than me: bigger personalities, cuter hair, deeper passions, the ability to drop everything and run off at a moments notice, abundance, love, determination and motivation, and the list could go on.

On the flip side, I do find myself more judgmental of others who don’t share my same world views, philosophies, morals and principles. Which is interesting to awaken to this, because growing up I felt that I was being judged and even treated differently because I was different than the norm and I knew that I never wanted anyone else to feel that way, but here I am judging even those who judged me.

So how do I become more accepting of those who I believe have more than me and those who I don’t always agree with? I guess by realizing that we’re all the same. Not one of us is better or worse, more special or less special. We’re all made up of the same basic dna, even though we may look different or see the world differently. We all eat, sleep, cry, laugh, smile, frown. We all come from the same place. What we own and what we don’t own doesn’t define us and it doesn’t define me.

When I catch myself being critical, I now make myself stop and instead of relating it back to me, I become aware of to the other person and what they are saying, judgment free. I don’t make what they say right or wrong, but just let it be. Even though I may not agree that person is entitled to their opinion or way of life. I become grateful for them sharing their life, instead of being critical of them.

I feel like this is a topic that I need to spend much more time on and am going to circle back to it and I feel that it is important that I move on to the next idea sooner rather than later….