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October 24, 2011

What I Love… Mum’s Kitchen

I’ve been wanting to eat at the Mum’s Kitchen food cart off of Fremont and Vancouver all summer since it’s just a few blocks from where I work, but I only managed to make my way over there today. I saw my chance to take advantage of a sunny, gorgeous autumn lunch and knowing there won’t be many more of them left, I strolled over there early to make sure I got back before a noon meeting.

I first saw Mum’s a couple years ago after I moved to NE Portland and had caught myself wondering what kind of food it was, but I never stopped since I was always on my way somewhere else, usually to work or to head downtown. Even though, over the past couple years I have heard great reviews for Mum’s, I was still pleasantly surprised by not only great food but a pleasant welcome by the owner. We talked for several minutes about where she was from and why she was here, we both talked about our families and how sometimes we miss our friends and family who now live far away from us. I realized how lucky that I am to be able to travel back home to see those that I love easily.

She gave me samples of what she had been cooking and what was ready for lunch and I was torn between two options, but finally committed on a pork curry that was delicious and spicy. For $7.50 I received a plateful of food that I could not even finish. I’m excited to have enough leftovers to enjoy round two of this amazing food.

I haven’t eaten much Indian food, in fact this was only my second time eating genuine Indian food, albeit from a cart whose owner hails from South Africa and not India – the world is such a small, yet large place. After my first experience of Indian at a buffet, which was good, but not amazing, I wasn’t in a rush to go back for seconds, but after this experience and the hopes of eating fresh pumpkin before it’s out of season, I will be back at Mum’s Kitchen soon.