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May 27, 2011

What I love…. Horseshoes

I envisioned my first blog for this topic of 365 days of what I love to be AMAZING, but a Thursday at the end of May is a random day to start on. It was a typical workday where nothing spectacular happened, besides it raining all day, there being brief moments of torrential downpour and me not wanting to go to last Thursday on Alberta St. because it was rainy and somewhat miserable outside. I was hoping to pick up a piece of artwork that I loved, but that will have to wait for another day… There are many topics that I want to write on and I stewed a little bit this evening on which one to pick, but I think I finally found it.

Lately, I have been obsessed with horseshoes. I love them. They are not incredibly beautiful, they are usually rusted and worn, and they used to be on a horses foot and who knows where that foot has been or what it stepped in. I don’t want to think about that last part. It’s what they symbolize that I love. Luck.

I think luck can make or breaks a person, but I also believe that if you think you’re lucky then you are and if you don’t think you’re lucky then you aren’t. It’s like parking magic, if you want that perfect spot you have to think you have parking magic. When you believe it then you open yourself to finding it and you will see opportunities that might otherwise be missed. If you don’t think you have parking magic then you can never quite seem to find that spot, because you closed yourself to that option. There have been many times where I drove past the perfect spot, only to look back and realize I missed it.

I have heard that if the horseshoe is facing up, it catches all the luck and if it’s facing down, the luck will fall out. Although, I have also been told it doesn’t matter. Lately, I have felt incredibly lucky with everyone in my life who has been there for me and who has shared their lives with me. I know I don’t need a horseshoe to be lucky, I already am lucky, but a little extra help couldn’t hurt.

Searching for the perfect shaped horse shoe to paint, decorate and hang above my door for good luck, has proven itself difficult. I realize that maybe I don’t need a perfect horseshoe, because nothing is perfect. I just need to pick one and make it mine.

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